Clinical laboratories are an essential part of a healthcare system, as clinical decisions directly impact an individual’s health.

Clinical laboratories receive vast numbers of biological samples from all areas of the community, subsequently; speed and accuracy are vital elements that determine the success of the clinical laboratory.

We are able to provide the support that will enable a speedy, objective and accurate pre-analytical phase, while simultaneously keeping expenses to a minimum. The integrity and storage of samples is paramount, and our system is organized and user friendly.

The system consists of two modules

A. Sample Evaluator
a.Serum index assessment before analysis
b.Batch evaluation of samples for hemolysis, icterus, and lipemia
B. Sample Tracker
a.In lab sample tracking:
  • • The ability to mark/highlight sample
  • • Intelligent racks that know the sample tube position
  • • Flexible rack design according to labs available storage facility/needs
b. Seamless integration with labs laboratory information system
c. Detailed sample position tracking within LIS: Storage unit, rack, rack position

About Us


Deniz İlhan Topcu

Clinical Laboratory Specialist, MD, PhD

Over 10 years of experience about clinical laboratories

• Small sized labs, University Hospital labs and Reference Labs

Over 10 years of experience about clinical laboratories

• Preanalytical systems

• Automation systems


Erdem Haberal

Biomedical engineer, PhD

Experience about

• Hospital and laboratory automation systems

• Material design